Big Gaping Hole In Your Kitchen

How to cover it up in an inexpensive way that will look even better than before!

What to do when you still like the countertop, and want to cover up a big gaping hole?

Do you have a house that has the old drop in stove top? Do you want to replace it? That’s what we wanted to do. Our decision was clear buy a new one. This should have been an easy solution for us, but it wasn’t. Why wasn’t this an easy solution? Because after much research we discovered they are not cheap and in fact they are more expensive or equivalent to buying the oven and the stove unit all in one. What to do, what to do? That decision was easy. Buy the entire oven stove top all in one unit. Our thought was the oven was old too and if we were going to spend that much money we might as well get both.


Do you see our problem? There is BIG HOLE in the countertop that we really liked. We did not want to ruin the other parts of it by cutting into it or damage beyond repair if we decided to cut it. This is why we decided to place the new stove beside where the countertop ended (That was another project that I will get to and post later). But what to do, what to do? This hole was staring us in the face each and every time we walked into the kitchen. We were clueless. Luckily, after many months of discussions, internet trolling, and many ideas being thrown around we decided to cover up the hole with a butcher block.


Our kitchen never had enough space for food prep, so we thought this would be a new, cool, and functional addition to the kitchen. But where do you get a butcher block big enough to replace this big hole? Is it even possible to get one that is inexpensive and looks good? Or, do we need to build it ourselves? These are all questions we wondered about. So...we did what everyone does now a days and took our wonder to the internet. After much research we found a company that will custom make them and mail them to you. All we had to do was submit our measurements and it showed up in the mail a month later and the cost was under $200. See below: