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Issues: Storage and Dependence on Ikea Furniture

Wine is what it is for and whine is what I did every time I went to my mom’s house and saw how she stored her beverages, mostly sodas, in and around her mini beverage cooler. She was using a side table she bought from Ikea to sit the beverage cooler on. If you have ever seen or used furniture from Ikea you know it is neither sturdy or strong. You also do not want to get Ikea furniture wet, which is a problem because a mini fridge will be sitting on top. This is the one she had it on. This is after I tried another DIY though which I will tell you about in another post one day. But you can see what I am talking about.

Her Problem: Soda Stacking & Organization

Let me first say my mom likes to keep her space tidy and clean, however her way or organizing is putting things in a drawer or stacking things out of the way. The problem is there is no particular method to her madness! She stacks her 12 pack of sodas along a hallway sometimes going 6 packs high and 4 packs wide. "SODA SHORTAGE," is not an issue and she she insists on buying canned sodas every time they are on sale and buys more than she needs each time. The problem does not end there her stock pile of sodas extends to keeping plenty of 2 liter bottles tucked away in a cabinet where ever she can find room.

A Very, Very Brilliant Idea & Solution

My idea was to create an aesthetically pleasing mini fridge stand that is both strong and waterproof! She also needed a better way of storing drinks before they hit the cooler. I felt like her disorganizational ways had been enabled for far too long.


Building a mini fridge cabinet that could accomodate all of the following: 1) Hold the fridge; 2) Store the beverages; and 3) Look nice.

Materials Used:

A. Cheap wood from Home Depot (70% off): The amount of wood you need will depend on the size of the fridge. I used the following:

1 2x4: board for the inside frame 4 cut into 30 inches and 2 cut into 22 inches for the top of the inside frame 2 1x5.5: boards 27 in for top the entire top measurement is 27x27 (please note: I did use a router on the top) 1x2.5: board for the front of the cabinet to hold hardware 1x3.5: for the side of the Cabinet I measured 22 inches for each board. I used 24 cut boards using 8 for both sides and the back 1x.5: For the 2 Liter holder 2 2.5x2.5: Cut to fit the floor of the frame Door Frame Wood: enough to cover any spot you want to cover up and hide much like it hides the cut out of the door frame B. Router (optional depends on your design ideas) C. Red Paint D. Decorative hardware from another store. E. Brad nails or screws or just a hammer and nails (Brad nailer is easier)

A 2 Liter Holder was added to store just 3 bottles but works great. One piece of wood was nailed in at an angle higher to hold the bottom of the bottle. Holes were drilled in the top of the second piece of wood to hold the bottle in place much like a wine rack. See completed cabinet below:


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