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How I fell in love with a magazine color, and how I got it for cheap.

My Love Story for Dusk (A Color Not A Person)

I hate reading magazines, but I do love looking at the pictures and sometime in 2016 I came across a color that looked as awesome as the sky while I was “looking” at pictures in House Beautiful magazine. You see my favorite color is blue and naturally I was mesmerized by this color as I am the night sky when it is a midnight blue. The color on these cabinets was a color they called Dusk by Restoration Hardware. I fell in love with this color and new I had to have them for my cabinets.

How It All Began

While I knew I was in love with this Dusk color this “Dusk” had no idea who I was, and I had no idea about where to make my connection to this color. So, like any good stalker I began my internet search for Dusk. I found that this paint was only sold at Restoration Hardware, an actual store. By the way this store does not have many locations. I looked for a store near me to go to but found that while there was one close to me it just was not convenient for me at the time. Sure, they sold samples online, but I am cheap and did not want to begin our relationship this way, so I waited and tried to forget about Dusk. But forgetting about Dusk wasn’t easy because I still had that picture of Dusk from the magazine that I would often look at and remember my fondness for this color.

Our Rekindled Romance

I tried so hard to forget about Dusk and by December 2016 I thought I was going to be okay without it. I was until I attended a Christmas/House Warming gathering at a friend’s house. You see my friend likes blue also, so I knew I would like what she did with the paint colors she had been talking about. She was showing me her house and telling me that how one color on the wall was designated to be more of a grey color but came out looking blue which she turned out liking anyway. I then asked my friend how she picked that color out, and little did I know how my life would change at that party. You see she pulled out a color deck and asked if I had heard of Restoration Hardware, that is when I started to tear up (not really). I was in shock. She had a deck of blue colors from RH. I was trying to listen to her explain how she took it to of those big stores and had them color match. Color matching, it didn’t even occur to me to do this. I mean I have color matched to match holes in a wall but not the entire color. That is when Dusk was no longer a dream but a possibility.

Our Happily Ever After

I so desperately wanted to have blue cabinets like the one in the magazine. I waited patiently and in January 2017 I made my way to an actual RH store. I was going to buy a paint sample from there because I wanted an accurate color match. But, at the store I was told they only did that online and after an eye roll and a long wait I was handed a simple color swatch of just Dusk. Dusk was finally in my hands and I was not going to lose this color. I immediately took Dusk to Home Depot for a color match sample where they used the paint chip to match. I then went to Lowes and handed them the chip and that is when I was informed this color was already in their system. I was very, very happy and excited about getting Dusk on my cabinets. They had had the previous paint removed, sanded, and primed and waiting for a beautiful new color. I tried a sample from each store and after careful consideration the winner was Lowes.

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