How to Paint a Kitchen Table

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Simple steps that are easy to follow take a look and lets get started!

Supplies Needed:

Heavy Duty Degreaser Cleaner

220 Grit Sandpaper

Wood filler

Stain Blocking Paint - I like Killz Max.

Paint - I chose spray paint because I really liked the color.

Wax for sealing and protecting your work

Step 1: (Not Pictured) Clean your table using and cleaner of your choice. I used the heavy-duty simple green purple cleaner because I like it for stripping the rest of the previous varnish off. This cleaner saved me time because it cleaned and took away alot of the nasty gunk off which meant I did not have to sand my project as long. You can use any all purpose cleaner but it won't degrease the old the old varnish as well but since i had it I used it. Let your table dry before step 2.

Don't forget your mask pictured below for sanding and spray painting!

Step 2: Sand your table to remove other debris and gunk that cleaning did not. I used 220 grit paper because I want my table to have a smooth top. I used an orbital sander for the top, block sander for other areas, and I used sand paper by just holding it for the more rounded areas. If you don't have an orbital sander you can use a block sander it will just take longer. Don't get too worried about getting all of the previous varnish off because the primer paint will take care of that.

Step 3: Fill in holes that were left from sanding with wood filler. You may not need to complete this step on your table because not all table tops will have holes after sanding. However, this table is old and was filled with a type of fiber board that kinda blew up in some spots causing the table to be bumpy and warped and exposed holes in some spots. This was the only way to get an even surface.

Fill in all of the exposed parts of the table and let dry.

Step 4: Sand the table again after the wood filler has dried so that you can begin painting your new even surface. Make sure you wipe the table down getting rid of the dust you created when sanding.

Step 5: Paint your table with a good stain blocking primer. Make sure to apply 2 coats of paint to the top of the tabletop as this will help your top coat of paint stick even if you did not get all of the varnish off. 2 coats is in important because of all of the traffic it will get. Remember you want your newly repainted table to last.

Step 6: Apply the spray paint evenly to your table like the manufacturer suggests. I also recommend letting it dry for at least 24 hours in between spray painting coats to keep the painting from cracking and peeling because the previous surface may not be as dry as you thought. I have learned when spraying on a flat surface there may be a thicker layer sprayed on than you think which means it takes longer to dry! ALSO NOTEABLE: You will need more than one coat to the top of the table especially if you are spray painting. You will then move to Step 7 in between coats so the you will have a smooth top.

Step 7: Sand in between coats of paint so that your table will be smooth and even. This step is important because you will be doing this with each coat to make an even smooth surface. Be patient with steps 6 & 7 as this could take a while. I finished painting the legs of the table in three coats but the top will take as many as 5-10 times to even it out but that amount is really your preference it depends on how smooth you want it. Painting and sanding will also help get rid of the wood grain look you see below. The more paint the more it fills in.

Step 7: Continued with painting another coat after sanding.

Step 8: Apply clear furniture wax in order to seal the paint and protect it from the traffic it will get when it is being used. Follow manufacturers recommendations for waxing and buffing. I put 3 coats and waiting 24 hours in between each and then I buffed the wax. You don't have to wait that long according to the container that was just my preference.

Step 9: Buy new chairs and enjoy your new look table. You could redo your old chairs but mine were so old that they were breaking apart and not working. I also wanted to give my table a new look.

You can Enjoy The Roast & Celebrate The Toast on this table!