Limoncello, Too Fancy For The Trailer Park?

No because we are making it at home! That's right the Roasting B4 Toasting way of making your "FANCY" liquor at home.

Lemon Tree
Backyard Lemon Tree


Having a lemon tree in your yard is a neat and unusual thing for some people to have. We really liked it and the first year we lived in our house it was extremely fruitful for us and everyone around us. The lemons were ready around the end of November. We were making anything and everything lemons and even put lemon in stuff that probably didn’t need it or even taste good. We also made lemonade for friends, family, and neighbors. We were even giving away jars of fresh squeezed lemons. It was a very unique experience and at the end of December we weren’t bothered by the fact that this tree could produce almost 300 lemons each year.

Lemon Tree Problems

However, by the end of January it was a different story. We were getting sick of looking at the lemons and realized our first problem was that 300 lemons turned out to be too much for us to do anything with, and knew we were in over our heads. Our second problem required us to have all the lemons off the tree by the middle of March and I know what you are thinking, “Why do you need to pick them all?” I didn’t know it at the time, but it was, so the tree can bloom and start producing for the new year. We had no choice but to pick them. The real problem is that we were just too lazy to do it and still had no real solution for the lemons. Ultimately, we just went ahead and picked them and gave them away. Don’t get me wrong we don’t mind giving stuff away but the people we had been giving lemons to were also getting tired of them. For that reason, we knew we needed to come up with another solution.

Lemon Tree Solution

We thought coming up with a solution would be easy the first year. It was not and were dreading the second year of dealing with that tree. From March to November we had been researching everything we could possibly do with lemons. Internet research was a bust and the future didn’t look that bright that is until one day in October when I turned on the tv. I was watching Valeri Bertenelli entertaining her friends on some television show. I saw her pour one ounce of what I think she said was homemade Limoncello over fresh fruit. She was serving it to her friends and they seemed to enjoy it. She later explained how to make it and I just kept rewinding and playing it over and over again hanging on her every word. I yelled at my husband to look at the tv but when I looked back he was already watching trying to figure out how to do it too. Right then and there is when we knew our solution was to come up with a process for homemade Limoncello.

The Limoncello Process

Consequently, while deciding to make Limoncello was our solution we still had to figure out the process or a good recipe to do it. We again scoured the internet but this time we were specifically looking for Limoncello recipes. There were recipes that called for soaking the lemon peels in vodka or in a grain alcohol. However, there was more compelling research that indicated a grain alcohol would give it a better taste which is why we decided to use a grain alcohol. However, when it came to the recipes we really didn’t like what some of them were doing. We knew we had to wait for them to soak 4 to 6 weeks which wasn’t the problem. It was when we started to follow some of the recipes and realized they didn’t taste that good or were to strong. Therefore, through taste testing and trial and error I think we have developed the best process in the form of procedures for you to follow. We have listed the details and how to make it on Toasting's Limoncello page. Enjoy and let us know how it goes by subscribing.

Lemon Shavings Soaking
Lemon Shavings Soaking