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People eating together at a party

Parties are a great opportunity for you to meet new people and socialize with them. You can also catch up with old friends and unwind after a long week. Of course, there are always some party etiquettes that you need to observe too. Read on as we discuss some party etiquettes for guests and hosts that can help you make a great impression on others.

As the Host

· Make arrangements according to the type of people you have invited.

· Send out invitations at least a week prior so that people can make their plans accordingly.

· When your guests arrive, be ready so that they feel like their arrival was awaited.

· Greet them with a smile on your face and try to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

· Be flexible. Some people can change their plans last minute, so if you’re flexible enough, it won’t cause you a lot of disappointment.

· Be the leader and inform guests about when it’s time to eat or time for dessert. Introduce the guests to each other as well, so that they are comfortable at the party.

As the Guest

· You should dress appropriately, based on the theme of the party. This shows your respect for those who have invited you. A dress or a tuxedo works for a formal party. For a casual one, almost anything goes.

· Always let the host know whether or not you’d be coming to the party. This helps them get a headcount and make arrangements accordingly.

· Make sure you’re on time. Showing up too early can cause hindrance in terms of the preparations being made. Being late reflects poorly on you as a person, as well.

· Don’t overindulge in food. It doesn’t leave a good impression on the host.

· Don't come with any people who were not invited. It showcases you as someone who's inconsiderate of the guest’s wishes.

You’re sure to host and attend parties in the best way if you follow these tips. Good luck!

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