Rolling Mosaic Bar

Cause I can and I Did!

The Finished Rolling Mosaic Bar

It started out as a "Wood Pallet Project!" This was my first project using wood pallets! (Please Note: I HATE WORKING WITH WOOD PALLETS! Please refer to my modifications page to see what material to use instead for your next project.

My Bench Project

This was supposed to be an easy bench project using pallet wood and 1 landscape timber, however if you are a perfectionist or want the wood to look perfect this is not the project for you. Pallet wood is cool if you want uneven boards and holes and wood that doesn't completely fit. Sanding didn't help because the surface was uneven. I even used a belt sander to try and get it even, but it still looked like a wavy slope. It was then I decided to add a frame at the top of my bench so that you could not see all of the holes or unevenness of the project!

My Mosaic Bench Project

Put a filler and then tile or broken plates on top of it!

Since it looked like a wavy slope my partner in this project suggested I put a filler and then put tile or a broken mosaic top on it! What, okay! But as I began researching with broken plates I realized they were too bulky for my taste and who would want to sit on something that would hurt. However, I read that glass was easier and flatter to work with so I went to Hobby Lobby and found that they sale pieces of flat glass. The flat glass sold is the same size as a sheet of paper and was easy to work with.​

Steps for the Mosaic Top:

Step 1: Drawing a Tropical Beach Scene

Since I was going to bury the garden timbers so that the bench would be permanently placed next to the pool I thought a Tropical Beach Scene was appropriate. (Full disclosure this was the first mosaic that I had ever done if that lets you know how easy this is.) All I did was take my pencil and drew a beach on top of the wood.

Step 2: Glass Breaking

Make sure you wear safety glasses! I put a towel of the top of my glass and then hit it with a tiny hammer.

Step 3: Arranging:

The pieces of broken glass in your drawing. Sometimes you may have to break glass into smaller pieces to get them to fit.

Step 4: Gluing

Glue your pieces to the top.

Step 5: Grouting

Grout can be purchased at the big box stores for a decent price just look up some videos so that you cover up all the cracks in between the glass.

Step 6: Plastic Pour

You don't have to complete this step but if you want it to look like a bar top and all of it to look even it adds a nice touch.

What Started Out as a Bench Morphed into a Bar

It started out as a bench to sit on but after the plastic pour was added it was just too pretty to just sit on or keep just by the pool so we added fencing wood to the side and then added wheels so that we could move it anywhere we were entertaining which is why it turned into a ROLLING MOSAIC BAR. This project took me a month but looked cool when it was finished.