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Why Pallet Wood Should Not Be Used

Pallet Wood is not easy to work with no matter how much it costs! There is no easy way to work with it no matter what anyone says! Below are some ideas for modifing this "EASY DIY"

DIY Wine Rack
Pallet Wood Wine Rack

Why you should modify your plans for a DIY Pallet Wood Wine Rack!

Pallet wood projects may look cool on the internet but taking on a project like this is not worth your time. I get the idea of using free wood to make something for our house or making money from selling them sounds appealing but in my opinion, they are not worth your time. Here are the reasons why:

1. Wood pallets are heavy. 2. Nails or screws holding them together are some of the most difficult to remove. 3. They are difficult to cut or saw up.

What to do instead of using pallet wood for your wine racks! ​1) Use fence board that you can buy at the big box stores for a couple of dollars. a. its way lighter than pallet wood and looks the same. b. it is easier to cut 2) Buy a 2x4 at the store while your there, It is only a few dollars too and is also easier to cut. 3) Use cheap craft paint, spray paint, or no paint at all. All choices are under five dollars.

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